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At American Elite, we have learned that affiliations with the best associations is one of the most important decisions that a person in can make when beginning their journey in martial arts. That is why we took the time to research many affiliate organizations before making our choice. We want to make sure that your journey is a rewarding one. That is why we have aligned ourselves with the Renato Tavares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association and the American Killer Bees Association under Israel Gomes. Below is a little background into these unbelievable men and their associations.

Renato Tavares
Renato Tavares was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1968. He started training in BJJ at the age of 6 years old with Geni Rebello now 85 years old. Geni Rebello is one of the best masters in Brazil and he is a black belt from Carlos e Helio Gracie. Geni Rebello has made many students State, Pan-American and World Champions around the world.

Renato Tavares is a world renowned authority in the area of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Grappling Enhancement and is one of the best coaches in grappling activity. His thirst for knowledge has made Renato a technician par excellence. Tavares has been training for about 36 years and competing for more than 30 years.

At ten years old he was instructor, helping his Master Geni Rebello and his son Cirilo Rebello teach new students.

In the last fifteen years he has made big changes in many cities and states that he visited through his high level of instruction. In Parana, a state in the south of Brazil, he took Jiu Jitsu to the next step, he made bjj level be recognized in the bjj community, in just three years Curitiba made the firsts world champions, and he.

After training under Geni, Tavares moved to Rio and trained with Carlson Gracie Sr. for over 10 years.

In 2002, his student Jeff Davis invited Renato to move to the USA. Renato started teaching in Kentucky where he taught for about 1 year. In 2003, Renato moved to Florida to train with the American Top Team, recognized today as one of the best MMA teams in the world. Renato has been teaching BJJ and Grappling to students from a wide variety of backgrounds including FBI Agents, Military, Police Officers and Athletes.

In 2004, Renato started his own association. He now has more than 12 schools established in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland. Renato is looking forward to building a big association.

Renato began competing in tournaments at age eight. He has competed in over 100 different tournaments and almost 500 competition matches. Winning most of them. He has titles like International Champion, Pan American Champion, many States Championships, and in many tournaments he was considered the best technical athlete of the whole tournaments.

In 2009 he took 1st place in Florida States, Nationals, Pan American and Miami International Championships. He also got 3rd Place in American Nationals in Absolute, Pan America Absolute,and Abu dhabi Pro BJJ. Renato Tavares has pure Jiu Jitsu in his body. Precise, technical, versatile, and always looking to employ techniques and surprises against his opponents.

Renato has trained with some of the best fighters of BJJ and MMA history including:

Murillo Bustamante
Ricardo Liborio
Ze Mario Sperry
Rodrigo Medeiros
Marcus Aurelio
Dela Riva
Carlson Gracie Jr
Marcelo Alonso
Crezio Chaves
Marcel Ferreira
Mike Brown
Chad Alves
Denis Kane
Din Thomas
and other great fighters
Now Renato is working hard on his new project of making BJJ more popular in USA. He has opened a company to run tournaments like Abu dhabi, Pro BJJ, to move the BJJ and Grappling hit the next level.


Israel Gomes
Israel Gomes is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artists and World Class Martial Arts Instructor. Israel has trained several professional MMA stars, including the former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson "The Spider" Silva.

He is the former head instructor for the famous Chute Boxe Academy in Curitiba, Brazil. Upon leaving the Chute Boxe Academy he along with Anderson Silva and Rodrigo Vidal formed the Muay Thai Dream Team and co founded the current Killer Bees MMA team.

Israel began training in Muay Thai at a young age and has since amassed impressive professional Muay Thai record as well as a Professional MMA record. Israel is considered the Top Muay Thai and MMA coach for professonal combat sports.

Israel holds a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He earned his black belt from the legendary Carlos Lima (Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu) and was promoted to 3rd degree from Helio Soneca (Gracie Elite Jiu Jitsu). Israel is certified by the Honorable Confederation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is licensed to give official rank and belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Israel Gomes is well known for his aggressive fighting style and his ability to execute his techniques with simplicity. Israel has helped several top MMA gyms around the world prepare fighters for competition. He currently works with the United States Government teaching hand to hand combat to soldiers. He is also scheduling seminars in gyms around the country.